How to Cancel or Turn off Auto-Renewal for Xbox Game Pass Subscription

In just a few bucks, you can get access dozens of games with Xbox Game Pass including the games that are in the beta period. In addition to awesome games, you’ll also get access to a lot of extra features. Your Xbox Game pass will auto-renew whether you want or not. And, Microsoft will charge you for it every month either you use the service, download or play the games or not. If you no longer use your Xbox Game Pass subscription, then you can turn off Auto renewal or cancel your subscription. Turning auto renewal off won’t renew your Game Pass subscription automatically and also won’t charge you for it. But, if you want to cancel your subscription, then you need to visit Microsoft web page because it can’t be terminated from the console. Here is how to cancel or turn off auto-renewal for Xbox Game Pass subscription.

How to cancel Xbox Game Pass subscription

To cancel your Xbox Game Pass, you need to visit the Microsoft website. There isn’t any other way to cancel the subscription. You can open Microsoft website on your computer, Smartphone, tablet, or Xbox One console. However, you need to use a browser in all of these devices, even on your Xbox One console, you can’t cancel Xbox Game pass from the services or subscriptions menu. Go with the steps listed below to cancel your Game Pass.

1.    Open a web browser in the device you’re using.

2.    Go to ‘’ to open the Microsoft account page.

3.    On the page that opens with the links, click on ‘Services & subscriptions.’ This may open the sign in pop up on the screen if you are not logged in.

4.    Enter your account email, username, or phone number and password.

5.    Then click on ‘Sign in.’

6.    Find the Xbox Game Pass subscription into the services and subscriptions list.

7.    Then click on the ‘Manage’ option for it.

8.    Select ‘Cancel.’

Tips: Click on ‘Changes’ and select ‘Turn off recurring billing’ to disable your Game Pass from renewing every month automatically.

9.    A dialog box pops up on the screen, choose an option of your choice.

10.    And click the ‘Next’ button.

11.    Select ‘Confirm cancellation’ to confirm your decision.

Your Xbox Game Pass is now canceled and will not renew automatically from the next month. If you’ve selected ‘End now and get a refund,’ then the service will stop immediately, and you’ll get your remaining funds.

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